preach me my rights

July 10, 2011
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say your a cop would you preach me my rights or tell me shut up so i can fight.
i am the law i see your only human but yet i am so harsh punishment of more than man destroying one another i won't let this stand.
preach to me the words of the streets but i go by the person within and every heart beat .
call me black call me white either human can talk walk but up a fight but we all bleed red that does not make it right.
call me your sister call me your brother but are we all safe from one another hear me talk i tell you truth but do you even have a clue my witness is at the booth.
preachings a way to tell you the way of the Lord but when a judge dose it it's no pleasant reward.
what rights do i have to be a girl or a boy do i have to be cute handsome or filled with joy .
preach me my rights tell tell me it's ok i will be here to tell you what i say .

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