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feed my mind

July 10, 2011
By jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
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you call it a famine
i call it starvation
this is not the time or my
a mouth is a scent of taste but somehow i see my mind needs nourishment i would speak but my tongue is hungry.
bags from my eyes each person speaks to say stop the hunger but the more i wait the mind dysfunction's longer.
when i cry tears it's the water i drink and skinny bones are like Bonny sculptures.
feed my mind i see it's on E but who would feed it when they see I'm weak.
tell me what real food is , is it a full course meal will i be full or be in a thrill when i see you drink i feel a chill but i will get food it's in God's Will.

The author's comments:
the mind can play tricks on many people but sometimes you need to feed your mind well if you are in another county and don't have much food feed your mind and your will power and say i am going to get through this it's God's will

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