One day.

July 10, 2011
By BecauseImAspen DIAMOND, Bonner Springs, Kansas
BecauseImAspen DIAMOND, Bonner Springs, Kansas
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what can not be changed can wilt away or fade, but never will it be forgotten.

A girl, so alone.
looking at herself in a mirror
she tries desperately not to cry.

she looks at herself,
how everyone See's her.
how can anyone love a girl like her?

she pulls up her sleeve's
to substantiate what she has done.
an arm covered in bruises, covered in scars.

proof of what others would see in disbelief.
the truth that she hides so well.
what has she done to herself?

The tears she used to see,
lay hidden in her eyes.
her mind a shadow from once it use to be.

But still she tries,
fights her way through.
one day she will be better than this.

she'll fight the emotions
and devastating times to prove once again
to all but herself, she too can be seen.

the urge that she has,
the urge that comes to often.
she will overcome.

the scars may remain, as a memory to her.
but soon they will fade, to barely be seen.
a remembrance of a life she use to be.

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