My Time

July 10, 2011
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The clapping hands,
The white hot streaks,
The pounding droplets,
The only world that accepts me.

"Weather the storm"
Well I don't need to.
The storm needs to weather me,
Because I am the strongest one out there, not nature.

The power of my human emotion can scream loud enough to block out thunder.
Shine brighter than lightning.
Be colder than pounding rain.
This is my time.

Sometimes I wish my creater would send a bolt of lightning to me so I could catch and return it.
Because I have control.
When it's my time, I have the power.
And no one can take that from me.

So what if the power goes out?
My candles are more comforting than the silly lights.
So what if I am home alone?
I can do anything when it's my time.

Yes, throughout the storm, I reign supreme.
Because I can control the most powerful force of nature in existence.
No; not lightning, thunder, or rain.
When it's my time, I control my own human emotions, and that is true power.

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