Young Love

June 21, 2011
Who says young love can’t last forever?
True love holds us together,
You’re with me forever and always,
I know I don’t see you in my hallways,
But every time I see those eyes,
I forget everyone else’s lies,
Because I don‘t understand your taste,
And a smile appears on my face.
I wonder how I could be the lucky one,
I’m awarded my personal sun,
Me of all people get you,
Every day it’s all new.
An adventure to travel together,
Hand-in-hand we will be,
Because it’s both our destinies.
Distance is just a smile factor,
All worth it for the sound of your laughter,
Your eyes get brighter,
My heart gets lighter,
And I fall in love all over again.
A mistake or accident is pure bliss,
Being told it’s okay with a kiss,
Even though being clumsy is a curse,
You make it far from worse.
Yeah, without you I’m a mess,
I could never settle for anything less.
I love you.

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