Fate's Choice

June 21, 2011
By VickyRenee SILVER, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
VickyRenee SILVER, Lee&#39s Summit, Missouri
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She walks,
with only the sound of her footsteps,
ringing in her ears.

She prays,
hoping someone will hear,
her cries of plea.

She's holding,
unto her childhood,
her lost years.

She hopes,
someone, anyone,
will help her from this.

And then,
he appears.
He's all she needs,
but neither know that.

Will he help save her?
Or will she be another lost soul,
wondering for eternity?

They walk together,
They talk, words exploding from their vocal cords.
She spills,
she tells him everything.

He listens,
his eyes widening at every new secret,
more in-depth than the last.

When it's over,
they sit in silence;
nothing but a cricket's chirp is heard.

Tick, tick, tick,
the clock of life sounds.
Will she last,
or will it all crash down?

Has she made it to the end?
Or is this a new beginning?
Only time will tell.
Only fate knows for sure.

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