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June 21, 2011
By FluentInLove SILVER, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
FluentInLove SILVER, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
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I’m the girl who holds a fashion show starring herself because she’s alone in the house and feels pretty.
I’m the girl who dares herself to go outside looking like a clown, just for giggles.
I’m the girl who would rather cuddle the dog for warmth then get out of her comfy bed to shut the cold window.

I’m the girl who neurotically organizes the pantry by food group and use.
I’m the girl who plays the same song every time I first sit in front of a piano because I love the feeling of my fingertips dancing seamlessly over the ivory.
I’m the girl who sings just to feel to pressure in my chest.

I’m the girl who likes to dress up every day because I’ll never be this young again.
I’m the girl who laughs randomly in the hallways because I thought of something funny.
I’m the girl who smiles because smiling makes me happy.

I’m the girl who takes risks because I love losing my breath.
I’m the girl who travels because I hate being tied down.
I’m the girl who falls in love because I love the rush.

I’m the girl who needs to write a poem sometimes to define herself.
But in the end, I’m me and free to define myself as I wish.

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