More Than Just Legs

June 21, 2011
By smilemonkey BRONZE, Bridgewater, New Jersey
smilemonkey BRONZE, Bridgewater, New Jersey
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Your superiors say to look up
Embrace the sky and its twinkling gems
And so you look up,
Shying away from the pair that brought you here
Femur, tibia, and phalanges
Are hollow names
This pair is more than just legs
They are the ballerina’s stage
The carpenter’s ladder
A singer’s mic
A baker’s batter
A biker’s wheels
A conductor’s baton
Rosa Park’s defiance
And Neil Armstrong’s ambition
A mother’s love
A friend’s shoulder
But most of all
Two pillars
Steady like an elephant’s legs
However they are most than just that
They are
The gallons of sweat
Hours of toil
Multitude of smiles
And showers of perseverance
That brought you to where you are

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