July 7, 2011
My skeleton hands dangled
From thin barbwire strands
Ever curling around the thinnest wood
They pressed deep into my veins
Forcing red and rough into my system

I used to drag these rust snakes
Along the dirt
Watching them leave
Hissing fragments along the dirt and pavement

Purposeless, I let my wrists hang limp
Heels becoming infused with the sidewalks
I watched my shadow stream past me
Behind crooked fences and black stamps

Desperate for a bit of warmth
I immersed myself in glows
One false shine after another
Until this

Now I hang
High topped toes brushing
Paints much too bright
For the likes of former leaves

Occasionally, there’s the dream
Dancing through vast thought
A restless pursuer
Smile dripping yellows and road

But for now
I am content to bind my limbs
To the nearest branch
And count my breaths

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