WOMAN (she)

July 7, 2011
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she, walks with the grace of an African gazelle
she, walks with that, "these heels hurt, but I'm still all that" swag
she, even with the insecurities of a young girl, shines with a colourful confidence
not the, type to tell you she can't
not the, type to give up, the type to back down, the type to be afraid
honey, leader, sweetheart, diva, mom
only, a few of the words that describe her
given the gift to bring life, it's only one part of her importance
her, elegance only becomes brighter with her patience
her, attitude can only be described as beautiful
loquacious, yeah she can be an ear full, but only for your own good
those times when you think, “man, can't she just live me alone!”
those, “I don't think that's a good idea”
those, blah blah blahs you hear
those, looks that she gives that are not threats but promises that say, “you are so in trouble!”
and moments later when you've cooled down, you think to yourself, “man, what would I do without her?”
without her, cannot even imagine a world like that, without her?
without her, her laugh, her love, her shadow
the way, she can light up the room with only her presence
the way, she can make that difference in your life
the way, she can be truly a superwoman
that is the way that she is known, the way she will be remembered, the way she cannot be forgotten
she, is what I admire
she, is what I aspire to be
she, is what is known as strong, intelligent, articulate to the fullest
she, with her ease and certainty
she, though can doubt herself, is still hopeful
she, walks with the grace of an African gazelle
S.H.E, she is woman!

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