July 7, 2011
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Your beautiful greenish-gold eyes gaze into my flat eyes. Your hands holding mine are the only thing that's keeping me from floating away down this river. The sun hits perfectly on your skin, peaking from the trees. Your crooked smile makes the birds sing. The river runs faster and slower, the rhythm of my heart while I'm with you. We are surrounded by family, but we drifted into our own world. Seeing nothing but each other. You, you, you, you, that's all i can think about. Finally, the ride came to an end. We got back to my family's house, walked down the trail together your hands are close to your side, but waiting for mine to collide with it. The rest of the night, you were shy. Scared to talk, nervous to "Make a move". I waited, becoming inpatient. We sat in the back of the truck to watch the fireworks pop. We sat close, skin touching, lips smiling. My families eyes on us, his parents eyes on us. You didn't care. We walked away from the crowd, and suddenly your arms were around me. That moment was when i knew: The one is YOU.

The author's comments:
This happened when I visited Louisiana, one word to describe it, Perfect.

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