July 7, 2011
By CarlosWrites GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
CarlosWrites GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
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but i spit out my words like ramen, uncooked thats how its suppose to be, well atleast for me, but no you see nothing more but reality and it seems to be a fallacy, don't get out of facebook thinking apathy will work

dont forget about morality, kids are doing more sins honestly, falling see, into the world of the wrong beings trying to see, the road they took wasn't all it lived up to be, and now i'll tell you were i ought to be, in my bed where its all better in honesty, sheding off this high because i smoked so much its ahead of me. i guess its just the demon inside eating my soul beside me

tell me i don't have enough potential to put my fame in the future i see, just goes to show all you f***ing haters that doubted me

and as i leave, i'll leave it upon thee,

to apologize

well to me

good night

obviously its too f***ing hard to see,

my vision of love is turned off

and now i fall asleep

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