Afraid / aspects of a girl

July 6, 2011
Someone said we were all afraid of something.

You're the prettiest thing i swear,

looking back at you, i love everything, your smile, your body, your hair.

Intertwining hands, the smallest i could bear,

could rip skin apart, and tear.

Letting go, i gripped harder, but we were holding pinkys.

Fragile body, cut and defined, so fine,

but we have limited time.

I miss you, plain and simple.

Your hair beautiful as ever, I'm glad I'm the victim of this endeavor-er

well not really, because i don't know.

Someone said we were all afraid of something.

The coolest thing around, out of town, smile.

Bright teeth, crescent breath, bleak smile,

it looks cool, when the light is shining.

Your body is gorgeous and everyone thinks you're flawless, but i look past it because I'm jaw less,

but then again I'm not your typical boy.

We were just a couple kids,

but we really like each other, right?

Oh, i forgot.

I'm afraid.

Were all afraid of something

I'm hiding it, until its safe.

We're all hiding something

Nobody really knows, if its fake or not.

Only time will tell,

i'll wait by the clock.

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