July 6, 2011
By CarlosWrites GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
CarlosWrites GOLD, Lakeland, Florida
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It's like the end log of my monologue, where everything stops making noise. Drifting off is the best part, knowing things might be okay,

but nothings really ever that way.

Sometimes you have those dreams where everything's perfect and what you need,

the dreams you want to repeat.

Then theirs those bad dreams, where everything is hated about it, no doubt.

Those dreams where everything is neutral, you're surrounded by people you love, doves flyin' by.

Those dreams where you get hurt because the girl you love, loves someone else, you let your emotional guard tarnish.

But i dream different.

There is no love, or gain personally slain. It makes me the most happy, besides her.

I want to tell her,

I dream of nothing.

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