A Whistler Winter

July 6, 2011
By Anonymous

I’m from relaxing vacations
in Whistler, Canada during the chilling winter season.
Leisurely resting on the couch, watching television,
while sipping my steaming hot chocolate.
Looking outside and seeing unique drops of snow
continuously falling, one by one.
Smiling and watching hysterical chick flicks with my mom,
bundled up in lavender, blue, and white fuzzy socks, and dark baggy sweats.

I’m from care- free days wearing gloves that barely succeed at
keeping the freezing tips of my fingers toasty.
Snoozing near the warmth of the crackling fire, after a day of ice skating,
and listening to an ongoing mummer of family conversations.
Getting in unsolvable arguments with my older brother,
and squinting as I run to find my cousin in the cold, dry air.

I’m from sitting and carefully listening to my grandma’s stories,
wild, yet so intriguing.
Lying in bed not wanting to move my body, afraid that if I do,
the heat will no longer be with me.

I’m from the rain, quickly but gracefully sliding down the fogged up windows.
Instantly, when I step outside,
the powerful wind forces my hair to aggressively blow backwards.
Walking on the uneven sidewalk, and looking at tall trees,
hearing their leaves rustle, as they constantly rub against each other.
Suddenly feeling a tiny sprinkle of rain gently hit the top of my rosey cheek.
Slowly taking deep breaths in, and out.
Seeing the hotness of my breath, cause a small cloud to come out of my mouth,
and slowly disappear into the foggy skies.

I’m from watching reality shows, while cuddling in a soft beige blanket, wearing an oversized sweatshirt.
Packing up clothes, gifts, and toiletries,
staring at the bags, and looking at them gradually fill up.
Trying to fall asleep, wanting to stay forever,
and longing to never let go of the incredible memories.

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