Recipe for a Seventh Grade Girl

July 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Start with pretty pink ribbons,
Frilly hot pink dresses, and mary janes.
Douse her in singing and dancing lessons,
There will occasionally be some pointless,
But ongoing arguments between you and your baby.
And always, no matter what, stir her in lots of love
And knowledge from her warmhearted family.
Envelop her in your interest, about her silly teenage gossip.
Smother her in the warmth of your gentle hugs,
And cover her in your caring kisses.
Add tons of creativity, and let her explore,
Reach for the stars, and learn important lessons
As your baby girl starts to enter the dark years of the teen tunnel,
Soak her in all of your support and love.
She has a long way to go, but she will come out eventually,
And when she does,
Your finished product will be a confident,
Young lady ready to conquer the challenging years ahead of her.

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