Daddy Watch Me Die

July 6, 2011
Because of you
My life is a fu**ing lie
I'm not who you told me I was
you dug a hole
and pushed ME in
my melting ambitions have pulled me down and caused me to a live a life of vagabond
and in my wanderings i've found nothing but the truth
The truth that you betrayed me
The apple doesn't far from the tree
but hell daddy you aren't like me
I'm living in my own bleeding flesh that's slowly diminishing my pathetic existence
and it isn't funny
the way you treated me
and I'm done running
the chains that drag behind me in my every step tell me it's my turn
The mask is coming off and my dying face will haunt your dreams by night and thoughts by day until the moment you die
The color in my once green eyes is depleting slowly
Daddy just watch me
Watch me suffer as I drag these shackles behind young legs that used to dance ballet and the little girl attached with the little pink bows?
Do you remember who you taught me to be?
Daddy you are the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE
I'm just the monster....
I wouldn't be this miserable excuse for a living being if it wasn't for the secrets you pulled me from
Watch this fu**ing rain fall and slide down my face
watch my feet disappear beneath me as I begin sinking to my doom in quick sand so very deep
My nails covered in the disgusting remains of what I used to be before degrading in my final seconds of what some call life
Watch me burn in hell Daddy
watch me fall like you promised me I would
watch my blood shot eyes close for the final round of my game
Watch my head fall under
...Daddy watch me drown

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