The Gulty Seduction

July 6, 2011
Its their but i just ignore it
The wrong, the sin, our most pleasurable moments
His blood is like Wine for my needs
Its warmth really drunkens me

I'm lost with your smile
I'm gone with your laugh
He's mine with a whisper
I'm his with a kiss

We only have sometI'me to act
After hellos its you and me intact
kisses and caresses is all i need
more than hell ever give me

He knows what I'm doing
and knows he cant compare
cause the guy I'm with,
he can only share

SometI'mes i cant choose
others I'm just confused
its just lust i know
but which one is love

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Whitii!!! said...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 6:31 pm
This is really nice this happened to me once. But i loved her so much as long as i gott a bit of her i was happy..
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