The Pearl Gapers

July 6, 2011
By LadyTygrrrLayce BRONZE, Orland Park, Illinois
LadyTygrrrLayce BRONZE, Orland Park, Illinois
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Imagine a world
Chaotic it is
Leaving a legacy of destruction Upon destruction
And a single pearl gaper
Lingering under the weeping willow
Quiet in its orb of immobility and Truth
Idle only in its actions
Existing only in its own agonizing Regret
With every blood that drips
Tugging at the tree’s long arms with every sorrow
Leaving it bare
This world where their eyes sting
As they stare
At the bodies through reflective Glass
Their hearts sizzling as they beat With rusty acid
But their souls unmoving
Still shaking in their pulpits of Growing darkness.
This is our world.

The author's comments:
The Pearl Gapers are about the world and society's ability and opportunity to change what they KNOW is wrong. I call society the PEARL gapers because they stare in awe at things they disprove of but they still go back to hiding in their little oyster-havens, despite their undeniable potential. And the i also called them GAPERS because of their awe in what goes on around them but they just keep on goign with their lives, feeling sorry but at the same time not doing anything about it... so their concerns go unnoticed. Every line in this poem has some sort of symbolism towards something in society or towards ourselves so, breaking it apart to understand it clearly isolates the concepts in this piece.

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