Orignial, And Fresh

July 6, 2011
I write for fun,
About my feelings
Fun times,
I Don't care
About rates,
Becoming Popular,
Or getting one hundred pluse comment,
I Don't care,
About The way it's written,
Because original is better,
or About how i spell,
because sometimes it makes the poem even more special.
I Don't care,
For the picture,
i pick which is my favorite,
i dont pic a topic,
it's freely fresh written from my mind,
i don't copy and paste
because it new and the keyboard is warm from my typing
from each letter touched to make a word.
You see I don't care about how to present this poem.
I don't care if you correct me.
I care because it's orignial and fresh.
Thats what poetry should be about

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