July 10, 2011
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Grand puppeteer it is once again on stage;
With a black hat on and his ghastly pony tail beard all grown up
Mascara on trying to create a weird vibe in the place
Some of the audience came intrigued as they came in pair
Chit-chatting to each other about his last performance
like the topic of the year
Some came in with a twisted veiled ear like they were beefing the grand puppeteer
Blaspheming his art word like "hey! there goes the People's Award Con artist of the year"
Extracting from you like the fake beggar over there
As soon the beggar heard he paced off running for his dear life
Light shimmered a little bit down as the people who were standing
found comfort on their chair or and some on the ground
Lingering for the characters to all show up
Letter (A) came on stage as (B) followed him like his little bro
This system was followed until the Letter (Z) showed up
Some were intrigued, some were confused like "WHAT THE HELL"
Some were like "i told you so" some were like "Oh! it's all kindergarten again"
But as he started moving them bit by bit it started becoming clear
A puppeteer he maybe but with the love for words
As he pushed the strings back and forth he
Conjured out words like magic dust
Left the critics null with no faults to pinch on
Emitting words like playing drums mixing phrases like
a DJ does with a song mixing idioms like topping the list.
Never underestimate the capability of an
individual because he might just make you feel demeaned!

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billlover420 said...
Nov. 3, 2011 at 2:32 pm
this is very very good and true :) every poet needs a voce diffrent writting or just peole showing their writting can really help people.. but very good job :P 
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