July 10, 2011
By , Portland, OR
It’s always the same
You promise.
You swear on anything and everything.
You promise you’ll do this,
You promise you’ll do that.
You swear you wont do that,
You swear you wont do this.
Yet its always the same.
I start doubting,
And then I stop trusting.
Because once again my hearts been broken.
But then again,
Just like before,
Someone new comes and pieces it back together.
They make me start to trust again,
They promise they aren’t like that.
They swear they wont do anything of the sort.
Yet its always the same,
You should have said no,
Or maybe I should have said no.
Who knows anymore.
All I know is it wasn’t supposed to end this way,
Not this time at least.
I thought this time was different.
Yet I guess its always the same.
You promised, You swore.
Till death do we part,
But its only a couple of moths till I find my self sayin’ it,
You should have said no.
But then again maybe I should have said no to start with.
Because now I am in this same old mess
All over again because,
It’s always the same.

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