June 18, 2011
By swampdonkey10 BRONZE, Lima, Other
swampdonkey10 BRONZE, Lima, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Life is quality over quantity.

I was younger then,
less experienced...
unable to cast a future,
I was younger then.

I made a point,
I let my ideas bloom,
my roots are tangled,
accept it...

I'm not like you,
I won't ever be like you,
I am me,
an individual,
I can think for myself, I can live my life.

I am powerful,
I leap with experience,
I believe in reality.

I don't hide behind insecurity,
I am free,

The sky,
is only just the sky,
there is no deeper meaning..
there is no one up there,
watching over you.

My opinions are set,
I won't ever change them,
stop trying to shove it down my throat,
I will drown you,
with reasons of disgust.

I am sane,
critically thinking,
I believe.

In the world,
the shame,
the terror,
the fright,

Its me who lives,
its you who never will.

The author's comments:
Its important to me that people don't try and change my opinion, I was inspired by an atheist, someone I am myself.

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