A Winter Dream

June 18, 2011
By bandmusic101 PLATINUM, Meadville, Pennsylvania
bandmusic101 PLATINUM, Meadville, Pennsylvania
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Yellow rays breaking through the window
While it shimmers off snowflakes
The sounds of the birds outside my window
Wake me from my sweet unconsciousness
Sweet songs take sweet dreams place
Calling me, begging me to listen
From soprano to bass
Their songs unique yet the same
One step outside
And I’m trapped in big, frozen arms
Whistling in my ear, a tune from long ago
Burning like fire, on the tip of my nose
High above, frozen rage
Clouds twirl and swirl around the dim light
Sun is directly up, noon I should say
The sky still dark, gray depression above
Slipping and sliding on foot
Hardly moving yet all over the place
Pulling my feet in opposite directions
Rage on rampage yet still as a stone
A journey in time is left behind
Secrecy is broken by prints I see
No one around to see, but me
Their journey is left unknown
Drifting, here and there
Making home on the ground
Laying still and alone
Then being blown around, into flight
Away, I must go
To a home far away from here
To sleep and dream about today
And wake to a new morrow
Flash of blues, pinks, and orange light up the sky
The sun as tired as I
Moon finally awaking in the sky
Sparkling fairies tag along with the moon
The sun disappeared to sleep
Letting the moon stand guard
Owl says “Good night” over and over
While the wolf replies, “Good night”

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