I Swear That I Care

June 18, 2011
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I love you so much,
And I think about you every day.
I know I don't call you like I used to,
But I swear I don't mean to push you away.

You are special to me,
You hold a place in my heart.
It is a metal plate of pure gold
That cannot be torn apart.

It is golden like your heart,
Which is filled with joyous things.
Kindness, gentleness, wisdom, acceptance
And all other good is what your spirit brings.

I am thrilled to know
Of such a name we share.
The words une Marguerite, a Daisy,
Puts great happiness into the air.

'Tis the flower of purity,
Of peace of mind, heart and soul,
Of innocence and elegance,
It's beauty doesn't gets old.

So fragile are the petals
Of such a lovely little one.
Two flowers together, actually,
An intertwined illusion that cannot be undone.

It lives a life of truth,
This flower inside you.
Yellow, like the bright sunshine
That shines on oceans so blue.

Yellow is the color of happiness,
Which is what you represent.
You live your life to it's fullest,
You get out whenever you can.

I like that you enjoy your life,
That you go out with your friends,
That you travel to new places,
That your excitement never ends.

I also like the sound of your voice,
So soft and sweet and pure.
Almost musical like,
I always want to hear more.

I want to talk to you.
Because there is much I would like to say.
But I wouldn't know where to begin,
And I wouldn't express my feelings anyway.

It's so nice of you send those cards,
You never miss a date.
I appreciate the love inside,
A card of yours is never late.

I guess I don't know how
To let you know I love you too.
But I think about you day after day,
I care, I swear I do.

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