Destined to Silence

June 18, 2011
To you, it seems so easy to mutter,
“Here I am, happy and joyous,”
Everyday of your pity existence.
Though it is not as easy as it may seem,
My “friend”.

Today and everyday, we act on a stage,
Playing roles,
Some of which, we wish we were not cast as.
To respite backstage until we are to be abroad.
Until that time, we are destined to silence.

Destined to silence….

Destined to silence, we are screaming out loud!
To the top of the world,
“Here I am! Take me as you please!”
The utterly horrible thoughts,
Seem so distant, as to before.

But, oh,
This is only to be filled with the feeling of
Stretching the bounds of normality,
You are looked down upon.

By friends, perhaps?
Or is it family?
Or both?
You have them both, yes,
So you shall forever be confined
Into your boundaries,
And to be destined to silence.

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