Her Pain

June 18, 2011
By coolcat01 GOLD, Pontefract, Other
coolcat01 GOLD, Pontefract, Other
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All alone she cries
Tortured tears she hides
In the dark her hope dies
Where are her hearts hidden guides?

You see her but don’t notice
Her face hidden in her darkened hair
In her pocket she holds a sacred lotus
You laugh, you avoid her, but you don’t care

All that she knows is that flower
The only thing that had ever been given
In that flower she holds her life, her power
She thinks she does wrong, her actions unforgiven

She takes from the shop
But all she takes is a single fruit
She has no parents to tell her to stop
She lives in a house full of dispute

Returns home to an empty house
To a cold family so long broken
Sits there in the corner quiet as a mouse
If only she had the courage to be outspoken

At this girl you look, you stare
Now you see her silent pain
You see one of a pair
You see the smile that has such a strain

To her you know speak
You teach her right from wrong
You see just how she became so weak
Now you teach her a happy song

See her smile she has a new life
You saved her from the dark
You freed her from that heavy strife
Now you see her love begin to spark

She feels so alive, so real
She knows how life should be
It was you who released misery’s seal
No watch her fly, soar, so light, so free

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