The Lost Mother and Child

June 17, 2011
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Anger and sadness coming over this soon to be child,
possessing the empty vessel,
the baby was not meant to live.

The baby not making a sound is being rushed away,
can somebody here the cries of the mother in this cold room,
on this night the devastating news is delivered.

The mother stands outside in the storm asking why,
saying you should have taken my life instead,
wanting to be with her baby she takes her own life.

Then after death she wonders in search of a baby long forgotten,
and the baby sits in the lap of a higher power,
cries in the dark can you here them?

Falling into the pits of despair,
the mothers cries grow louder,
with the other lost souls I wonder who will help them.

Some say they deserve none because of their sins, but were she is, is not exactly hell,
She must find her way out,
find the baby and run before doom catches up with her,
she is swallowed by the darkness with no hope of seeing her baby,
I hope that one day someone else here's the cries.

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