Inside That Dark Cave

June 17, 2011
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Deep inside that dark cave
A place that I would never escape
To hold your hand, I thought would save
Against the bottomless black of abysmal rape

Fingers entwined- I was too close to the ledge
I clung to thorny vines, trying to not fall in
Body, mind, and soul- to him I pledge
Reflections in the murky depths told me I could not win

Your somber stare pierced through my lungs
Desperately I struggled as I felt your strangle
Constricted airways sealed tightly by tongues
And then I felt myself give in; I let myself dangle

With a quick splash, I was sucked in too deep
You clawed me down to rock bottom effortlessly
Blinded by salt water, no one would ever know if I began to weep
I watched you dig my burial reverently

Deep inside that dark cave
I rest in peace, accept eternal sleep
Nothing to lose, for I gained the grave
Nothing to fear, after you’ve sunk this deep

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