Her White Blinded Their Sight

June 17, 2011
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Oh, how beautiful she looked
Pure perfection, decked out in white
In the pews, she had his family hooked
But an air about her innocence wasn’t quite right

Gauzy white lace cascaded from behind,
As she walked down the aisle with such grace
White smeared across four walls, but no one would mind-
It inspired one to believe she’d never gone further than first base

Disguised by that white veil-no one could tell
Of her experiences sealed with a rosy blush
Until, down that aisle, she fell-
…And so the red began to gush

Prim, polished fingernails no longer manicured white,
Red tips revealed in the shock of the fall,
The veil flung back in spite,
Red stained lips bluntly shared with all

Petals upon the ground turned a shade,
And the sky erupted in a fiery red rain.
So abruptly her white began to fade
Behind a crinoline film-innocence-she could no longer feign.

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