July 10, 2011
They all ask so many questions,
are you ok, or whats wrong?
But all they do is keep adding on,
and make the hurting twice as long.

I prefer to be by myself,
just me, myself, and I.
They don't understand that,
they all want to be there when I cry.

I don't need a helping hand,
nor a shoulder to lean on.
I can do it all just by myself,
believe me I am strong.

Everyone has their problems,
and I am here for them all.
But when I am sad or upset,
don't expect a call.

Stress will pile on me,
my world will tumble down,
but I know myself enough,
to pick myself up off the ground.

Please don't be worried,
I really am alright.
I just really would rather,
be alone tonight..

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Anagam said...
Jul. 12, 2011 at 7:34 pm

omg! this is real good.. sometimes my close pple seem tht way.. n im just so friggin worried cuz they dnt open up..

great poem

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