July 9, 2011
I swore I would never,
End up like those girls.
The cuts and bruises,
The way it amuses,
I swore I’d never be.

But now look at me standing here,
With the bottle in my hand.
Addicted to swallowing,
In the hurt, I am wallowing,
Addicted is what I am.

Down my throat they go,
One by one and just one more.
The blood is dropping,
My heart is stopping,
Maybe today I’ll finally die.

I told you my secret,
And you laughed at my face.
What happens when I’m dead,
Those last words in your head,
It’ll end up to be all your fault.

Say goodbye to me today,
Incase you can’t tomorrow.
Open bottle in my hand,
Pills dissolve like desert sand,
Wait till I really overdose.

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