July 10, 2011
By CaraFriend123 GOLD, Rock Hill, Missouri
CaraFriend123 GOLD, Rock Hill, Missouri
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How do I push everyone up when I'm falling down?
Or am I falling because I am holding everyone up?
Who decided this was my purpose?
When can I live for me?
Why is it this difficult?
Is it supposed to be?
Will I ever be the way I want to be?
Or will I live my life waiting?
How am I supposed to live like this?
Who is going to hold me up?
Where is the love that humans are promised?
Why does it come down to this?
Is it fair for me to hurt like this?
Is this right?
Am I wrong?
Is this really what life is like?
Everything I want; is it imaginary?
Does it exist?
Is life real?

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