Blue-Eyed Girl

July 9, 2011
You talked like I'm the only one.
Keeping me so close to you.
Made my heart skip a beat.
Every time I glanced at you,
I feel deeper in love with you.

With words you hypnotized me.
Looks, brains, my heart,
there is nothing you do not have.

You played me like a game.
My emotions being the cards,
and my heart being the dice.
Throwing it around on the board,
I watched as I started to fall apart.

I believed you when you said you cared.
Just like in poker,
you played your hand well.
Keeping a straight face,
hiding all emotions.
You fooled everyone,
not just me.

I never wanted to believe it.
You lead me on like a dog on a leash.
I tried to pull away but you yanked me back.
For what?
Nothing but heartache.

The way we met was like a dream.
You asked me to dance and we danced the whole night away.
We then discovered that we had a class together.
Making everything seem more like fate.
We got along instantly.
Before to long I fell for you.
You feel for her.
The skinny, blond, blue-eyed
perfect girl.
and I was here,living in my nightmare.

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