May 23, 2011
By KANDIKID BRONZE, SanMarcos, California
KANDIKID BRONZE, SanMarcos, California
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my grandma was sitting there crying because she recieved a letter from the army

they told her my uncle got shot they said he might not make it,

night and day my grandma crying,praying to the heavins above

i tried to cheer her up but it didn't work

all day and all night she sat there crying

but one day comes and my uncle comes back home

says hi to me and hugs my grandma gives me his dog tag and a kiss to her

my grandma just sits there day and night with a big smile on her face, her heart warm and happy that she makes everyone smile just like her

when i see my grandmother she makes me smile so much i think i can't stop

when my uncle past away she was so sad he was so young he should of died last

at his funeral she didn't cry but smiled because she knew he was happy to

on that day i asked her "grandma why are you smiling ?"

with no hesitation she answeres back " honey hes in a new home that makes him glad."

when my grandma passed away everyone cried except for me, for when little brother asked me why i replied " its because shes in a new home that makes her glad."

my grandmother sat there with tears coming out her eyes because she recieved a letter from the military that her son was shot in the battlefield and they thought he wouldn't make it

day and night she sat there with warm drops of sadness flowing down her cheeks

but one day comes when my uncle comes back

line breaks


club is like

a happy

busy beehive

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