Did you not know?

July 8, 2011
By Courtney Cummings BRONZE, Hallsville, Texas
Courtney Cummings BRONZE, Hallsville, Texas
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I can feel your desperation rising i can see it in your eyes like window panes without a shade to shield your their lies.
All your life you ate their lies and thought that they were true, until the steak upon your plate looked back up at you.
i never had a chance it said tears streaming down its cheeks, I was tortured and beaten never loved and always weak. And don't forget my friends you see for they were tortured too stuffed in tiny cages just wishing their lives to be renewed.
So why did you do it, did you really not know? Ignorant to the fact of how they slit my throat? i was beaten with out mercy. Kicked when i was down and now, i got the nick name the so called happy cow.

The author's comments:
Well im very in to animal rights so..

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