July 8, 2011
By asukablu BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
asukablu BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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There he is sitting
Next to me, laughing
With his friends,
As I glance repeatedly his way.

Brown hair the color
Of walnut and dark
Chocolate, messy
And wind swept.

His midnight eyes the hue
Of a raven’s wing,
Tints of dark
Purple that gleam.

His lips curve up in
A knowing smirk when
He talks to me,
Because all I do is stammer.

I try to deny
This feeling that melts the ice
Around my heart and
Fills me with warmth.

Every day I’ll wonder
If he notices my
Hair or clothes that
I picked so carefully.

Intense yet playful,
Kind and sardonic,
He is contradiction
Within itself.

He observes and
Sees, perceives
The way people
Truly are.

Each time he turns
To me, I fear that my
Stammers will be interpreted,
My shyness seen through.

He is taken
By another who seems
To have clouded his vision
Through rose-tinted glass.

I try to forget
This shattered dream;
Shards and fragments next
To the chunk of reality.

I always knew,
Always realized
That he was

I can’t stop
Myself from hoping,
Wishing, praying, dreaming:
Notice me.

I can hope, and pray,
And wish, and dream, but he
Shall be, will always remain

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