The Used

July 8, 2011
By Dr.GuessWhat GOLD, Romeo, Michigan
Dr.GuessWhat GOLD, Romeo, Michigan
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Sitting up all night
Thinking of you
Wondering 'what did I say?'
'What did I do?'
I guess I'll never know
You left far too soon
So I'll never know why
You do what you do
I thought you were different
Unlike the rest
But you did the same
You used me at best
Never once did I doubt you
Or think something was up
I thought I could trust you
But you had enough
You found someone better
'Your one true' love
Never thought we could end
I'll never give up
You found her through me
I was the bait
So now it's the end
I thought it was fate
Sitting up all night
Thinking of you
Hoping I'm still the one
I still love you

The author's comments:
Every relationship I've ever had I've been either used or played in some sort of way. This poem is about my most resent break up. It shows how I feel. Hope you like it.

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