One Hundred

July 7, 2011
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Marshmallows are roasting on my campfire,

Losing their fluff in the flickering flame,

And I’m here waiting

Like a Styrofoam peanut.

I’m waiting for the day you’ll come back again.

I’m done with you, but I never will be done.

You see,

I loved you. I saw our future together,

What did I do to get

My chest ripped open?

You reached inside, skipped my kidneys,

Grabbed my spine, broke a rib.

Now I can’t feel my legs.

I opened my mouth and out came

Green fire. So green…

And it burned my face to little red ashes

That I force-fed myself.

I can still feel them burning

With the heat of embarrassment.

You reached between my ribs,

You pulled my heart out in pieces,

And I stole them back, tried to glue them back in.

Did you know that self-pity

Can melt glue?

‘Cause I do.

Will you watch a movie with me?

Can you look me in the eye?

The marshmallows are burning.

I think I’m going to die.

It’s only a kissing game,

But when you pull away

I want you to be my stranger.

I want to know what happened to you.

Your eyes look like heartbreak.

I asked.

You looked at the wall.

I must learn to settle with

Three words

Before I have to change them:

Maybe; probably not.

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