She Says

July 7, 2011
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Think about it a little more she says while I listen.

We've only meant as much as we thought we would.

I never promised I could.

I said I'd try.

I look at her with eyes that only she could look into.

She continues.

We mean more then we were ever meant to.

We were just being tested.

We were just trying to see if we could pass the beginning.

I stare unblinking.

As she keeps thinking. And Thinking.

And I wonder quite simply does she know I'm Sinking.

Our lives were meant to be separate you know.

Your the only one who thought our lives were something

chiseled from gold

I opened my mouth to speak.

And she quickly, immediately

Hushes me.

Do not interrupt me.

And I go silent. I just stand and stare.

She turns away from me, and I know this is her time to flee.

I Look at you and see nothing she says.

I feel your skin and its stone cold.

Your words have never been enough for me.

And when I say Quiet...Your silence is complete.

She takes another step

and gone she will be.

She picks up her foot..and looks back to see

You my old. wrong. love. are to

Weak for me.


Her tracks from the room are barley even seen

and I wonder if the dream was really a dream..

I pace to the room we once shared

That I was the only one...throughout the years

That thought we were perfectly paired.

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