Your Pain

July 7, 2011
By heather97 GOLD, Ossian, Indiana
heather97 GOLD, Ossian, Indiana
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I'm long past gone
you've finally showed me right from wrong
you were the one who wasn't there
you weren't the one who really cared
go ahead...see if i mind
to me your a sI'mple waste of tI'me
you are what you make yourself
but you? your just something else
threaten to leave as if it matters
watch your step and see who's flattered
remember there's always someone watching
there will always be someone talking
once again you've hit the floor
hold your head up and find the door
your I'mage is who you reflect
ill show you what its like to disrespect
you show hate like its your place
open your eyes take a hard look at this face
the years of pain you've caused
are one of her greatest flaws
her eyes represent her pain
proving you have nothing to gain
her smile may be broken
but not by the words its spoken
as if you were there
like you raised me fair
remember ill always be your greatest fear
your perfect daughter dear

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