Sarcastic Laughter

July 7, 2011
Who do you think you are,
Ignorantly being mean?
Telling me I'm nothing?
Keeping your cruelty unseen?

Your speech so contradicting,
Your mind is never made,
You intentionally hurt me,
I question why I ever stayed.

But you're asinine,
You're not God.
No one's bowing at your feet.
You're really
Insecure and hopless,
Terrified of being discrete.

You're loathsome of your lonliness,
Scared of being scarred.
A little doubtful to fall in love
And horrified of falling hard.

I never misplaced my faith in you,
When you beat me to the ground.
When you scolded just my breathing,
When your 'sorrys' lost their sound.

I'll always laugh sarcastically,
At what you put me through.
But now you've lost the best thing
That's ever happened to you.

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