Incurable Mind

July 7, 2011
By KingKid SILVER, Saint Louis, Missouri
KingKid SILVER, Saint Louis, Missouri
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My mind
Drowned by the emotions
That once fought me
An unfortunate loss
I still can’t believe
But as proven
My strength stands guilty
Seemingly of everything
Except for one; my physical being

Sickening I feel
To know that my mind is ill
I inquire one thing:
Is there a cure that is real?
Awaiting an answer
I stood still for years
But I’ve gotten no response
Just worry and tears
That’ve been overshadowed by my fears

My mind has become an addiction
It ain’t phony, it ain’t fiction
It’s tried and proved
In fact, its became my religion
How’d all this happen?
I never made this decision!

His help is needed
But by my addictions rules;
‘No chance to heal
Is ever to be given’
Now I only wonder,
Am I ever to be forgiven?
For abandoning my faith,
As a sworn Christian?
Or do I die,
At any given time
By my incurable mind?

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