My Hero

July 7, 2011
Before you I was a broken soul,
confused lost, nowhere to go.
You found me on the edge of a breakdown,
picked me up and heard me out.
The scars on my heart, my soul, are slowly healing,
because you cared, took away the numb feeling.
Two broken souls found each other in the dark,
gave me back the other half of my jaggedly broken heart.
Your words, a drug, running through my veins,
cut me open and I would bleed your name.
You brought light into my dark life,
let me know it's okay to fall asleep at night.
Don't you ever think you haven't saved me,
because without you I wouldn't of had the courage to reveal the secret that had changed me.
Put your hand in mine and let me show you the light that you gave me,
give me a chance to show you how you saved me.
Let me be your drug, your high,
let me show you there's no reason to hide.
I'll be your poison, your personal drug,
let me show you you have no reason to run.
I'm here to stay, I'm not going to go,
let me do for you as you've done for me and never let you go.

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