Love/Love (Hate)

July 7, 2011
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The world keeps on turning
Then why is my heart standing still?
Why does it feel like my mind is burning?
Oh well, I'll just swallow another pill

Maybe this one will work
Maybe now I will forget
That is another perk of death
No need to fret

You walk around with that girl on your arm
You walk around with that boy in your heart
You seems so perfectly happy
But it's all fake, all drawn on like a piece of art

Pain is underneath
It has to be
It always is
What makes you better than me?

You think you deserve
To live pain free?
Are you more than human?
Wake up, it's time to see

You are miserable
Every part of you cries
'But my heart beats only for him'
I guess you're also full of filthy lies

You speak of love
Whisper of compassion
Yet you know none of it
Someone is old fashion

Someone is holding on
To something that has long been gone
Perhaps it never was
Yet you continue to long

For the fulfilling of desire
To be swept up from danger
By your strong other
But death is all that awaits

The encroaching darkness
It will overtake you
He nor she nor they can stop it
Go ahead, try

You only waste your time
Why have I been jealous
Of what I thought you had
At least I'm not blind

But I still want it...

I know it means nothing...







Why do you poison me?
You inject me with love
It spreads like a cancer
Killing the pain

What is this?
Where is the darkness?
I know love destroys!
So why do I feel refreshed?

What is love?
Has it not killed the hearts of many?
Yet it brings life to mine?

There is another love
One that burns
One that destroys
One that is not true

This is the love I thought I knew
Why not call it what it is?
It is chaos
It is death

No longer shall I confuse the two
My heart will turn
It will be soothed
It belongs to you

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