July 7, 2011
By Maxwell_SQ GOLD, Casa Grande, Arizona
Maxwell_SQ GOLD, Casa Grande, Arizona
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You have to be a little insane to live life extraordinary.

Close the lock and throw away the key
My heart is a captive, it will never be free

Free to be abused
By those so sickly amused

By all the pain I show
The pain through which I go

Shoulda locked it up sooner then later
Then I could have avoided the crater

The gaping hole where my heart should be
Collecting all the sorrow for eternity

Body shaking uncontrollably
Maybe it's time to pay the fee

The debt that all men pay
At least that's what they say

You convinced me I was destined to cry
That I was only destined to die

But you're dead wrong, I'm only destined to fly
Destined to spread my wings, and soar on high

I won't look back, the horizon's in front of me
I'll look to tomorrow, I control what it will be

Now it isn't a matter of wishing or thinking to try
It's a matter of doing, so I'm saying goodbye

There is a future ahead of me, ever brighter
As I rise up to heaven I feel ever lighter

It's time to live and I really do care
But you don't, so that's why you'll never be there

You'll long forever for the past that's gone
Trapped on a chess board, a lonely pawn

And you'll sit and think of all the times you did me wrong
And I'll keep on keeping on, whistling a happy song

The author's comments:
Have you ever felt worthless? Like someone was living their life just to beat you down? I know I have, and that is exactly what this poem is about. It is about shaking of all the haters and rising up to face your dreams.

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