July 7, 2011
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As I sit here and write this song
I remenisce on the ways you've done me wrong
And I have come to realize
Behind your bright blue eyes
There lurks a mass of lies

A mass of flies
Swarming around the rotting truth
Of all the pain you have inflicted
Almost unrestricted
I've done nothing to stop it
I even brought it upon myself
Like an old book on a shelf
If I had only taken the time to stop and look
To open that book
I could have figured out
What you were truely about

Did it feel good
Screwing with my heart
Did it feel good
Did I fit the part
Was I playing the role
Of your little whipping boy

Your probably hate yourself
Yet you take it out on me
Maybe take a look in the mirror
I hope that you see
That the problem is you
It is not I
You can't even look can you
You'd rather die
Then face what is waiting inside
The monster inside
Crawling inside
Waiting to strike

How many others
Have fallen victim to your trap
How many more hearts
Will you kidnapp
Hold them for ransom
Don't even wait for pay
Just kill them for the thrill of it
Kill them for the way
It makes you feel
It gets you high
Praying on the weak
Praying on I

I fell for your trick
I accepted deceit
It wasn't my flesh
But my spirit you beat
Ripped me nearly in two
It seems like just what you do
You attack and destroy
Burn and mame
Do you even remember my name

I'm like a piece of trash
You tossed in the garbage
Crumpled me up
And left me to rot
I wish I could let go
But you're all I've got
So I accept the pain
I accept your lie
I accept it all
Then sit here and cry

I can't stand it
But I can't let it go
This is the only way I feel
Maybe I dont want to heal
I just want you to use me
I just want you to abuse me
As long as I'm with you
I feel alive

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musicsaves said...
Aug. 11, 2011 at 9:19 pm
This poem has so much feeling and emotion behind it..how did u get the motivation to write this?
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