Romeo and Juliet

June 30, 2011
By Yukiko_Kokoro SILVER, Jakcsonville, Florida
Yukiko_Kokoro SILVER, Jakcsonville, Florida
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Tainted a dark red
Luminating the sky
Just hanging, so high
Its just as it was said.

The eyes of blue
Had lost their light,
And took away her own sight.
If only she knew who.

The sky turned black,
Not even the moon came out.
Then she knew, without a doubt.
If only the light would come back.

Maybe its sigh of life
Would being him here.
She really needed him near,
To end this stupid strife.

She needed it to tip
With all its might,
To bring back his light,
So she may once again feel his warm lip.

But it was just a pain,
Sitting there in its spot
The little bit of false hope shes got

The author's comments:
Well....umm its just about what was probly going though Juliets mind when she found Romeo dead. It sucks but ehh...

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