Change in the Weather

July 6, 2011
A well full of water.
Each drop evaporated and held in the cloud of my soul.
The unexpected thunder storm pours the rain of tears from the green skies of my eyes.
They fall back into the well as the water cycle begins again.

Suddenly, the temperate drops.
Negative sixty degrees.
Frozen over.
Chill down my spine.
Ice in my stare, trying to melt it with my glare.

Crazy weather.
The summer arrives in March this year.
104 degrees.
Heart is burning.
Boiling over.
Come close, get singed.

Heart of stone or breaking glass?
Is there weather for lasting hate?
Even Tornados couldn't devastate the bricks.
Yes, breathing still.

Get them back.
Try to regain by stealing.

Who can melt stone?
God's hands.
Calmed my storm.
Melted the stone.
Crushed the glass to give me crystal.

Sun comes up.
I see rainbows through the prism of my heart.
I see the devastation of my disasters.
How can it be fixed?
Only God.

Rain drops from green skies.
Oceans dance to the song of remorse.

Erosion of change.
Please grow and forgive me.

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