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Everywhere to Me

I see you everywhere.
I see your face reflected in drops of
Morning dew; not yet disturbed by life’s chaos.
I see your smile in the break of
The clouds, reminding me blue skies always exist.
I see you float along the waves of
The ocean, never as vast as your love.
I see you everywhere.

I feel you everywhere.
I feel your fingertips in the rays of
The sunshine that is not the light of my life; you are.
I feel your breath whisper in my ear in
The wind, carrying me home to you again.
I feel your heartbeat in
The thunder, not loud enough to make me forget.
I feel you everywhere.

I hear you everywhere.
I hear my name on your lips when
I close my eyes and go back to you; back home.
I hear your laugh in the calls of
The birds, flying almost as high as you are now.
I hear you sing the world to sleep
Every night, to remind us we’re okay without you.
I hear you everywhere.

You are everywhere.
You are the sun peeking over
The horizon; days still begin without you.
You are the waves crashing
Around me; I’m still standing without you.
You are the lullaby that brings
Peaceful night; days are still worth living without you.
You are in the only place the world deserves you.
You are everywhere.

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